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Hand-knotted Carpet.
Hand-knotted rugs are conventionally made up of natural materials such as wool, pure silk, cotton, bamboo silk, or a blend of different materials. The process of hand-knotted rugs is completely labour-intensive which requires competence & dedication. It necessitates a distinctive weaving technique in which thousands of knots are tucked & tied to a base. These knots form the pile of the rug, and the weaving process is routinely done from the bottom going up. The intricate process of traditional hand-knotting starts with warp & wefts. Warps prevail to the vertical threads while weft threads run horizontally.
There are different kinds of knots & these knots may either be an Indo-Tibetan Knot, Turkish knot, an Oriental knot, or a Persian knot. The use of high-quality materials together with a compound hand-weaving technique gives hand-knotted rugs its extraordinary strength and longevity.

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